Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fort Tung

किल्ले तुंग
Fort Type: Hill Forts
Fort Height: 3000 ft.
District: Pune
Base Village: Tungwadi
Time to reach from Base village: 40 to 45 minutes
Grade: Easy

Fort Desription
This fort is also known as "KATHINGAD. As the name suggests, we may assume that the trek of this fort is very difficult, but in reality this is a very easy fort to trek. Due to its unique PEAK shape, you can easily spot this fort from a long distance as well. There is no significant history available about this fort. In 1657, Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj captured this fort alognwith all other forts located in Maval region. Netaji Palkar was appointed to protect this region. In Purandar Treaty, this fort was surrendered to Aurangazeb. Marathas won the fort back in around 1670 after Aurangazeb borke the treaty.

Must See:
The top of the fort is very small, it takes only 1 hour to see it. Your way towards the fort goes along the temple of Hanuman. From here we can go further by steps. After few minutes we reach at yet another Hanuman Mandir. Next to this is the main entrance to the fort. At right side we see Ganesh Mandir. At the backside, we see water trench. From here we march towards citadel.We see temple of Tung Devi. Opposite to this temple we can spot a cave in the ground.

How to Reach?
All ways to the fort go from the base village Tungvadi. After 45 minutes we reach at the top. One hour is enough to see the fort.
From Pune via Chandani Chowk
Reach to Chandani Chowk. Proceed to Paud village. Take immediate right turn after Paud Bus Stand. Go along the route till you
spot familier site of Tikona to your right and Tung to your left. Prior to Tikonapeth (please ask the villegers, I forgot the name of this village), take a left turn to reach Tungwadi. This route is very good after rainy season as the beauty of nature is in full swing this time.

From Lonavala
From Lonavala station catch a bus for Bhamburde or Ambavne. Get down at Ghusalkhamb. From here, after walking for 1 and 1/2 hours, we reach Tungvadi. Distance between Ghusalkhamb and Tungvadi is 8 km.

By Kamshet-Morve bus from Tikona Peth
One can also board Kamshet-Morve bus from Tikona Peth at 11 a.m. and get down at Tungvadi stop. After 45 minutes we reach Tungvadi.

From Tikona Peth
Many people plan trek of Tung & Tikona together. Trekkers preferably visit Tikona first. From Tikona Peth (village at base of Tikona) one should go towards Kale Colony. From Bramhnoli village we can reach Kevre gaon by launch. From here we reach Tungvadi within 20 minutes.

Food and Drinking Water
One has to arrange for food and drinking water on his/her own.

The trek to Fort Tung is a ONE Day trek. But still if you want you can stay in Maruti Mandir and Bhairoba Mandir