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Fort Visapur

किल्ले विसापूर
Fort Type: Hill Forts
Fort Height: 3038 Ft (from Sea-level)
District: Pune
Base Village: Bhaje (Near Malavali)
Time to reach from Base Village: 1.5 hours to 2 hours.
Grade: Easy to Medium
Fort Description

Many historical events are known and are related to Lohgad than Visapur. Lohgad and Visapur played an important role in guarding trade routes and the Bhaje/Bedse caves. Visapur is much larger fort than Lohgad. Fortification on Visapur is very beautiful; still not many records are available about this fort.
Visapur fort along-with Lohgad falls in Nane Mawal region. After Bahmani rule went down, Nizamshah captured this fort. While Shahaji Raje was fighting with Mughals to protect Nizam, but the combined powers of Adilshah and Mughals defeated Shahaji Raje. In a treaty with Mughals, this fort was surrendered to Mughals. (treaty of Mahuli)
Chatrapati Shivaji Raje, in his early years of establishing Maratha Kingdom captured this fort along-with Lohgad and various other forts in the surrounding region. This fort was again surrendered to Mughals when Chatrapati Shivaji Raje signed the Purandar treaty. (year 1665). During year 1670, when Aurangazeb broke the treaty, Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was able to establish his rule on this fort.
Shahbuddin a mughal sardar attacked Lohgad in year 1682, around 60 Maratha soldiers were killed in the battle. Maratha soldiers escaped to Visapur where Shabuddin chased them and Marathas were moved to Kusapur village.
Coloner Prother on 4th March 1818 attacked and captured Visapur fort and on the very next day Lohgad fall into his hands without firing a single bullet.

Must See
1. The Fortification
The fortification of this fort is very strong and is well-built on a very large plateau. The fortification makes this fort as one of the strongest forts.

2. Huge Stone Wheel
This wheel was used to grind the mixture of lime, jaggery and lead. The mixture was used as cementing material for buildings.
3. Bastion on the west side of the fort
This bastion is completely within the main ramparts. This is very rare piece of construction.

How to Reach?
There are three to four known ways to reach the fort of Visapur. We have to reach at Malavali station. From there we can reach top by following ways

From village Malavali
This route is a bit confusing and we may need guide to reach the fort from the village itself. When the Bhaje caves come to our sight we leave stairways and go to the right side. For walking for about 20 minutes we can see some small huts. From here the way through forest takes us to the broken stairs. When we start climbing these stairs there is a small temple & two big caves which can accommodate about 40 people. These stairs take us to the fort of Visapur.

From Gaimukh Khind
On the same route that we take to Lohgad from Bhaje village, we take a left turn in the Gaimukh Khinda. This route will also take us in the forest but its much more better than the first route. This seems to be the main entrance, as it is in front of the main door to Lohgad.

From Village Patangaon
The third route is from the base village named Patangaon on the western side. Here the way is less confusing, and this joins the way on the first route. This was the way towards the trade route, and some cisterns are on this way. Also two caves and carved idol of Lord Hanuman is seen here. This route is very pleasant.

Food and Drinking water
Food is not available; you need to carry your own food.
It is advisable that you should have ample water with you!
There are two caves, which can accommodate 40 to 50 persons.

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