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Kille Malhargad

किल्ले मल्हारगड
Type: Hill Forts

District: Pune

Height: 3100 Ft.

Time to reach-
From Sonori Village - 45 mins
From Zendewadi - 1 hour

Grade: Easy

Fort Description

This was the last fort that Maratha's built and also supposed to be the last built fort in Maharashtra. This fort was built by a Peshwa Sardar called "Panse". Panse was cheif-in-charge of TOF-KHANA of Peshwa. Thorle Madhavrao has visited this fort. Panse also has a palace in the village Sonori. This village is at the foothills of this fort. There is a saying that a Tunnel from this palace which takes us to the Fort. But I have not seen any evidance of this yet. It may exists though. As we all know that a tunnel exists in Pune's Shaniwarwada that opens on Parwati.

This fort is also known as SONORI FORT as the Sonori village is the base village of this fort.

The main aim of building this fort was to keep a check on Dive Ghat.

There is also a saying about why the name is MALHAR-GAD. When Panse started the construction of this fort, the workers said they see blood coming out of the soil. So to stop this,
Panse prayed the GOD MALHAR also known as KHANDOBA of Jejuri. Jejuri is near by this fort.

Jejuri is a holy place where KHANDOBA is worshiped. Khandoba is an incarnation of Lord Shiva.

And Panse said that if the blood stopes, he will name the fort after Khandoba. After his prayer the blood stopped and Panse named the fort as MALHAR-GAD.

Must See
This fort is very small fort and can be completely seen in around 45 minutes. The walls of this fort are not as huge as we are used to see when we visit Rajgad, Torna and Raigad!!!

After entering through the door on eastern side and then taking left, we can see some partial leftovers of the fort. A dry well can also be seen. As you go further, you can see a pond.

The water in the pond is not drinkable. Yet another well is located at the top of the fort on the way to a bastion, which is also dry. There are two entrances near this bastion. One below it is blocked and one on the right side is open. The road, which comes from Zendewadi base village, meets at this door.

You can see two temples one temple which is larger than the other is of Lord Mahadev and the smaller is of Lord Malhar.

You can see palace of Panse in Sonori village. The palace has got 6 bastions and temple of Lord Ganesha and temple of Lord Laxmi-Nayaran.

How to reach?

There are two ways to reach to fort Malhargad
1. From Sonori
This village is situated at a distance of 6 k.m. from Sasvad. Daily three buses depart for Sonori from Sasvad. Malhargad can be seen from this village. One can climb up the fort along the ridge of the hill, and moving along the side of the Tower, we reach at the entrance door of the fort.

2. From Zendewadi
There is an off-shoot route to Zendewadi village, after Dive ghat along the Pune-Sasvad route. The Zendewadi village is at a. distance of about 2 k.m. from this off-shoot. Plantation of Zendu can be seen. After passing this village we have to reach a cleft, upto which Malhargad is not visible. A well fortified Malhargad can be reached from this cleft in half-an-hours time.

Drinking water and accommodation

Only 5-6 people can just be accommodated in the temple of Lord Mahadeva on the citadel. Also one can reside in the local schools at Sonori or Zendewadi.But one has to carry ample water and food with him/her.


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