Monday, January 19, 2009

Fort Vajragad

किल्ले वज्रगड

Fort Type: Hill Fort

Fort Height: 4400 ft (approx) from min-sea level

Base Village: Narayanpur

Time to reach from base village: 1 to 1.5 hours (via Purandar)

Grade: Easy

Fort Description:

Today, the Fort Vajragad has nothing to offer except few basic ROCK-CLIMBING learning skills. The fort is very close to the Fort Purandar. Fort Vajragad is also known as "Rudramal". When Mughals, under the leadership of Mirzaraje Jaysingh, attacked the kingdom of Chatrapati Shijavji Maharaj, their army surrounded the Purandar fort alongwith the Fort Vajragad. It was the Fort Vajragad which fell to Dilekhan's army and thus making it more easier for the Mughals to launch severe attack on Purandar fort. The location of both these forts i.e. Fort Purandar and Fort Vajragad is such that, if anyone of these fort fell to enemy's hand, the other fort will fell automatically.After the Treaty of Purandar, Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj handed 23 forts to Mughals. Vajragad was one of them. The main entrance i.e. Maha Darwaja of this fort is still in good condition and shows the strength of the fort.
How to reach Vajragad from Purandar?

When you enter Purandar via Bini-darwaja, proceed towards the statue of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. One pathway will go towards your left hand side when you are facing the statue. Take that pathway and proceed on the same. The fort Vajragad is at your right side. The pathway do not have directions/signs to take turn towards the fort. You have to take a right turn which slightly shows a minor incline and from the bushes you have to find out the way to the main door. From the Statue of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, it will take around 30-45 mins to reach to the main door of Vajragad(if you are not lost).

How to reach?

Own Vehicle:

1. From Pune Satara Road via Katraj GhatYou can visit this fort by taking Pune Satara road. Take a left turn at KETKAVLE. Again take the road going towards the left side where the right side road will take you to the Balaji Temple. This road will take you to Narayanpur. At Narayanpur, you visit the Shri Gurudev Datta Temple and the Mahadeo temple. This Mahadeo temple was built in Yadava's dynasty.Keep going ahead of Narayanpur, you will find a road going towards your right. Take this road and this road will take you directly to the foothills of the fort.

2. From Dive GhatYou can visit this fort by taking the Dive Ghat route as well. After crossing the Dive Ghat, you will come in the SASWAD village. After crossing the ST Stand in Saswad, you will find a road going towards your right hand side. This road will take you to Narayanpur. Before Narayanpur, you will find a signboard indicating road towards Purandar. This road is at your left hand side. This is the same road decsribed above.
Via Pune

S.T. bus to Saswad from Pune takes us to the foothills of Purandar fort. Pune-Narayanpur bus is also available to reach up to the base village, Narayanpur.Via SaswadS.T. bus to Bhor from Saswad will drop you at the bus-stop of 'Purandar Ghat matha' in Narayanpur village. A road on the left side along the two houses situated on mountain ahead leads to Bini Darwaja of Purandar which can be reached approximately in 45 minutes.

Food and drinking water facilty:
Food and drinking water is not available on the fort. Either you carry your own or get it from the Purandar Fort.
Accomodation is not available on Vajragad.


  1. Himanshu Ha lekh khup juna ahe ka?

    Ata vajragadawar jata yet nahi. Militery cha training camp ahe tithe. Purandar war jata yete matra 10AM to 6PM only and photography strictly not Allowed !!!

  2. Mitra Gurunath, mi jaun aalo tevha 2007 he varsha hota. madhyantari jevha mi punha ekda 2013 madhe gelo tevha mala mi niwant sagli kade bhatakalo. Pan tu mhanat asalas tar punha jaeen tevha je update aahe te share karen ethe!