Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fort Korigad

किल्ले कोरिगड़
Fort Type: Hill Fort
Fort Height: 3000 Ft (from min Sea level)
Base Village: Peth Shahapur
Time to reach to top from Base village: 45 mins to 1 Hour

Fort description
Korigad is situated in the Korbaras maval region. Korbaras maval is located towards the west of the Mulshi dam. Ghangad is also located in the same region. The route that connects to Pali and Lonavala is known as "Sawashni Ghat", Korigad is built near to this route. Fortification of this fort is still intact although the buildings on the fort are now completely destroyed. Trekkers and visitors love this fort because they can take a walk on the fortified walls of the fort to see the entire fort.
The Amby Valley lies at the foothills of this fort and the fort offers majestic view of the houses build in this valley.
Alongwith the forts Lohgad, Visapur, Tikona and Tung, Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj incorporated this fort in Swarajya during 1657.When Maratha empire fall down against the Britishers, Col. Prother attacked this fort on 11 March 1818 and after a fierce fight, he was able to capture the fort on 14 March. It is said that he managed to shoot a cannon ball aimed at the ammunition storage center on the fort and thus the fort surrendered! Alongwith the victory over this fort, the Britishers managed to capture the Ghangad as well.

Must See
There are steps created from the base of the fort till the top of the fort. This makes everyone to visit the fort irrespective of age!
1. Caves and water cisterns while climbing the fort from Peth Shapur

2. An Idol of Lord Ganesha

3. Korai Devi Temple - The idol of Korai Devi is around 4 Ft high.

4. Deepmal - Located outside of Korai Devi temple5. Canons ( there are 6 cannons on the fort). The biggest cannon is known as "Laxmi" and this can be located near the Korai Devi temple.

6. View of Amby Valley

7. Lake - Two large ponds are available on the fort.

8. Mahadev Temple

9. Vishnu Temple
You can see Nagphani Point, Matheran, and forts like Tung, Prabalgad, Karnala can be seen from this fort.

Ways To Reach:
One way that I know is from Peth Shahapur. You can reach Peth Shahapur via Loanvala either by your own vehicle or by public transport. There is yet another way to reach this fort, but I am unaware of that route.

Accommodation Facility:
Usually there is no need to stay on the fort as the fort can be seen completely in one day, still if you want to stay, you can stay in the temple.

Food and Drinking water facility:
You have make your own arrangements for food and drinking water.

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