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Fort Chavand

किल्ले चावंद
Fort Name: Fort Chavand
Fort Height: 3000 Ft (from min sea level)
Grade: Medium
Base Village: Chavandwadi
Time to reach from Base Village: 45 mins
Fort Description
The Satvahans used to rule over Maharashtra and they build and maintained a variety of forts in the Sahyadri region. The trade route named as "Naneghat", was guarded by various forts like:

1. Jeevdhan
2. Hadsar
3. Chavand
4. Mahishgad
These forts belong to Satwahan era.
After the fall of Bahamani empire, the first Nizam Malik Ahmed captured this fort. Nizamshahi was founded by Malik Ahmed in 1485. Grandson of 7th Nizamshah Burhanshah the 2nd was imprisoned on this fort in 1594. In his attempt to save Nizamshah and thus to create his own empire, Shahaji
Raje fought against Mughals and Bijapur Badshah. But he lost the battle and in the year 1636 he signed a treaty with Mughals in which this fort was handed over to Mughals.
I do not know when Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj captured this fort, but he renamed this fort to "Prasannagad"After the fall of Maratha Kingdom, Britishers, as they did to other forts, destroyed construction on this fort as well. As an outstanding example, you can see half burried temple on this fort.
The fort Chavand is famous for its 7 water tanks. These tanks are aligned to each other. The names of these tanks are:
1. Brahmi,

2. Maheshwari,
3. Kaumari,
4. Vaishanvi,
5. Varahi,
6. Indyayani,
7. Chamunda.
On the North side of the fort, we can see man-made caves. It is said that a secret passage exists here which opens outside of the fort. This was believed to be a secret escape door. Towards the south side of the fort, we can see beautiful view of Kukadi river. The Kukadi rivers originates from
the Kukadeshwar which is located near the fort. The Kukadeshawar is a famous pilgrimage center. Some fortification can be seen towards the western side of the fort. The temple of Goddess Chamunda is located on the topmost part of the fort.Kukadeshwar and Lenyadri are two other places one must visit when this fort is visited.From this fort, one can see fantastic view of mountain Shambhu and Jeevdhan on the west, Shivneri on the east, route of Naneghat along the fort
and Fort Hadsar on the north side. This gives us an idea of the importance geographical position of this fort during history.
Must See
1. Saptamatrika (7 cisterns)

2. Man-made caves
3. Temple of Goddess Chamunda
How to reachOne should reach village Chavandwadi via Junnar. A way to the top of the fort goes along the village school. Within 45 minutes you will reach to the entrance door and from here follow the footsteps.
Food and drinking water
Food and water is available at the base village. But nothing on the top of the fort.
Accommodation Facility
Usually trekkers prefer to stay at the school at the base village.

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